Training with us

Ulfhednir trains viking fighting as a martial art. Our trainings are every wednesday  and most sundays all year round, but we also attend as many training seminars both in Denmark and abroad as possible. You are expected to attend training every week, as fighting with live steel weapons requires a very high level of safety only attained through constant focus. As we need to function as a unit when participating in larger battles, knowledge of maneuvers and commands is also a must.

 What we expect of you

  • You are over 18 years old
  • Dedication to training with regular attendance
  • An interest in the Viking Age and a willingness to reenact it
  • Participation in Viking Markets, Training Weekend and other events
  • To make and aquire the proper gear for training (see below)
  • A willingness to embrace our values and support our structure
  • Everyone participating in training must pay a fee (75 DKK) towards trainingfacilities

What you can expect of us

  • A serious and dedicated training experience
  • An introduction to and education in the european viking scene
  • Knowledge and support in pursuing your viking interest
  • Workshops to help you make the proper training gear and clothing
  • Great adventures and stories for the campfire