Mental Preparation for Battle

By 27. april 2016Training

You can mentally prepare yourself for every situation. A suggestion could be your own training or the Moesgaard battlefield. The system is the same. In my example I will use Moesgaard because it is easier for me to relate to. Before and after your training, you sit down with your back straight, a lifted chin, arms down along your sides and breathe slowly and deeply.

Close your eyes.
You will now begin a sensory movie in your own mind.

Try and image the sounds of the warriors around you, your own breath, heartbeat.
The drums, the noise and the cries.
It is just before we enter the field.
You are fit, calm, and clearheaded. Your gear is in proper condition, the weight of the armour doesn’t bother you.
The smell of leather, metal and sweat makes you feel good.

You look around to the others. They to look ready.
You feel at home and you like every one of them, they are your brothers.
Today you are going to win. Every one around you is focused.
Then you start to move… You enter the battlefield and feel the warmth of the sun on your face as you come out from woods.
You hear the cheers from the crowd. And from your friends.
The battle begins. Your line marches up against the enemy. The clash.

You are attacked from many sides, one spear almost got you, but you moved away.
Stay alive, focus, don’t get carried away.
Wait for your moment…
Your defence is good, your attacks are precise. Every one around you can see and feel your great skill as a warrior.
The line opens up. You move into open order, you are in mental contact with your group, you see them out of the corners of your eyes.
You know what goes on behind you. You see that the enemy are confused.

You are fighting and using all the things you have learned.
Your body is working hard. You are running, shouting and fighting, but your head is clear and clam.
You are one with the fight. All you faints and attacks are working. You are the killer.
The Battle is over and you have won.

You can use the same sensory movie for your training; see yourself doing all of your exercises. Feel that you are doing them right, that there is a flow. That it is easy.
Along with a dedicated effort to train and fight as much as you can, this should help you prepare for any battle.

– by Christoffer Cold-Ravnkilde

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